2020 Camps

Week 1  – July 5-9

For Boys & Girls Grades 6 – 12

Week 2 – July 12 – 16

For Boys & Girls Grades 7 – 12

Located at the UMaine Presque Isle campus.

Check In: Sunday 

Overnighters check in 12:30-2pm

Commuters check in a 1:45

Check Out: Thursday at 11pm


Overnight Students: $435

  • Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Dorm Room (double or triple)
  • Coaching Fees
  • Access to Swimming Pool
  • Full schedule of activities 8:30am- 7:30pm

Commuters: $195

  • Includes lunch only
  • Coaching fees
  • Access to swimming pool
  • Partial Schedule 8:30am – 4pm

$75 Team Discount

  1. Each player must register in our system and pay the deposit only.
  2. Team coach or parent must submit an official team roster from the school or Soccer Maine with a highlighted list of players that are attending camp.
  3. Six or more players from that roster must be registered in our system before April 15 to qualify.
  4. Once the coach or parent has verified that 6+ have registered, notify the Pitch via email.
  5. The $75 discount will be applied to the overnight player’s balance so it is important not to initially pay in full.
  6. Commuters are eligble for a $50 team discount only. 


Why Choose DSA Overnight Camp?

DSA camps provide an all-encompassing soccer training program. We will expose players to the exciting international soccer culture with our world class certified instructors. DSA training techniques are cutting edge and proven to impact your game.

    • Technical: Dribbling/ball mastery, passing, receiving, shooting.
    • Position-specific: Movement off the ball, closing down opponents,
    • Tactical: Understand the dynamics of play through numbers. 1v1, 2v2 and up to 11v11 drills including attacking, defending and ball movement.
    • Competition: Speed of play, build ups, changing point of attack, team shape, applying pressure and pressing.


Our goalie program is run by professional instructor, Ton Snip, of the Netherlands.  DSA believes that the best development for goalies is to combine technical training and game situation training and therefore we run our goalie camp simultaneous with our field players.   DSA keepers will train with the goalie instructor in the morning and will receive game situation training in the afternoons during our live 11v11 league matches.  Goalies will have additional playing experience during our small sided world cup matches in the evening.

Refund Cancellation Policy

Students who cancel prior to June 1st will receive a refund minus the $95 non-refundable registration fee. Students who cancel after June 1st will not receive a refund. All requests must be made in writing by mail. Injured students may receive a full credit for the following year or a refund minus the $95 registration fee, but must provide proper documentation from your physician.

What to bring to camp packing list:

  • A ball! You cannot play without one.
  • A shoe bag or backpack to carry items (such as cleats, room key, and personal items) to the field each day.
  • A laundry bag/basket for your dirty clothes.
  • Cleats that are already broken in. Don’t buy a new pair of shoes to wear at camp unless you have enough time to break them in. New shoes can give you blisters.
  • Indoor shoes for possible indoor sessions and casual eveningwear. Sometimes sessions will be conducted indoors due to bad weather.
  • A warm-up suit, sweatshirt, and/or rain gear. It does get cool in the evenings.
  • Plenty of tee shirts, shorts, and lots of socks and undergarments.
  • Fitted sheet for a long twin bed. Sleeping bag/blanket. Pillow. Towels.
  • Sandals for the showers.
  • Bathroom items e.g. soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.
  • A fan, rooms are not air-conditioned.
  • Laundry detergent if you plan to do laundry at camp.
  • A bathing suit if you choose to swim in the indoor pool.
  • An alarm clock, you don’t want to miss breakfast!
  • A calling card/cell phone or change so you can call home and tell everyone that you’re doing great.
  • Bug spray and sunscreen.
  • Spending money for evening snacks, laundry, or the camp store. Many students also like to order pizza in the evenings!
  • Athletic tape and wraps if you need them. There will be a trainer on hand to assist you.
  • A water bottle, we will have water at the field, but not cups!
  • Healthy snacks for the evenings (protein bars, apples, sport drinks).

* If you bring TVs and other expensive items such as an Xbox, please understand that you may risk losing them or having them stolen if you do not lock your doors

Contact Info:

Phone:  (207) 227-6970

Email: tkrul@mainepitch.com

DSA Advanced Camp

High school players may sign up for additional training during our residential camps at no extra cost.  Students signed up for our advanced camp will learn how to train their bodies for maximum soccer performance and decrease the potential for injuries during the season.  Through soccer specific conditioning and strength training exercises, players will improve their speed, agility, and soccer endurance.  Students in our advanced camp will also have the opportunity to play in a match with our coaches, many of whom still play professionally in Europe, to experience soccer at a different level.

Students signed up for our advanced camp should come to camp physically fit and ready for a challenge.  This program is excellent for high school players who are serious about improving and playing soccer in college.  It will prepare players for the physical and mental demands of the collegiate game and ease the transition.